Shoes CHLOE Women

Whether sandals, ankle boots, trainers, moccasins or espadrilles, Chloé shoes can be worn for any occasion. The House offers women shoes that combine bold textures with numerous graphic and contrasting details. The Nama sneakers, with their semi-compact soles, feature topstitching and scallop stitching. You can also opt for the wedge-heeled sandal version. Over the years, the iconic designs have affirmed their visual impact. Chloé uses recycled materials in an environmentally-friendly way, which is a plus for the brand. Each model imposes its refined design, such as the label's signature Woody flat heel mules. The notched soles and original heels of the Owena line create an elegant silhouette that is ideal for completing an outfit from the House. Ballerina flats with scalloped edges sit alongside bohemian clogs. The world of Chloé is dedicated to comfort and style, to the delight of women everywhere. 
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