Bring warmth into your home with candles from the Tom Ford Beauty line. These home fragrances with their evocative names (Bitter Peach, Fucking Fabulous, Oud Wood, Lost Cherry, Rose Prick and Ébéne Fumé) are perfect for relaxation, well-being and meditation, as well as for stirring up passions. The Tom Ford candles come in particularly elegant bottles. Their sleek design adapts easily to any interior, making these fragrances a decorative object in their own right. You can place them in any room in your home, depending on their fragrance: bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms... anywhere really. The floral, fruity, woody and spicy notes convey a spellbinding impression you won't be able to get enough of. With nearly 40 hours of burning time, Tom Ford Beauty candles offer a long journey into the land of scents. Floral bouquet, love potion, country reverie, fruity escape... vary your pleasures with our selection of home fragrances.