The greatest names in French cinema have worn Carvil since its debut in 1952. The house created by Henri Lederman is found in Paris' golden triangle. The artisanal skill used to create these shoes combines elegance with audacity. Their exquisite style has seduced many famous actors. Lino Ventura immortalised the very first Carvil loafers in Crooks in Clover. In his footsteps Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon, also huge fans of the brand. Boris Vian and Michael Jackson were also conquered by the cachet of this French brand. Carvil shoes are still worn by numerous international stars, like Ben Harper and Stromae, who love the brand's signature pieces. The Dylan, the Madeleine and the Triomphe are designs that are still very popular. These shoes are made in Italian workshops near Milan, using carefully preserved local skill. The expertise of a Blake stitched sole is combined with the best Italian or French leather. Carvil may well use new materials and more contemporary designs to bring its shoes up-to-date, but the house preserves its very particular heritage.