Classic pieces with a streetwear feel, Common Project's creations feature restrained design. A world of design that is understated but essential is the fruit of the collaboration between the American Prathan Poopat and the Italian Falvio Girolami. The brand was created in 2004 with what was an innovative objective at the time: to create luxury sneakers. This pair combine utility and minimalism with high-quality Italian skill. Their masculine collections present timeless leather sneakers with vintage touches for added style. Their loafers and Chelsea boots also have the original feel that is characteristic of this brand. Common Projects has an elegant and crisp vision of masculine fashion. Meaning their creations are easy to integrate into a wardrobe that is classic but elegant. The colors, reflecting a casual chic style, are very discreet. Using luxury leather, Common Projects' shoes, created in Italy, dress the contemporary male in comfort and elegance. Each piece is easily recognised by the iconic gold series number stamped on the outside of the shoe.