"Not from Paris Madame." The slogan launched by Drôle de Monsieur is a likeable manifesto. Since it was founded in Dijon in 2014 by Maxime Schwab and Dany Dos Santos, the brand's originality has been the source of its success. The two self-taught designers have succeeded in taking an optimistic approach, inspired by the streets of yesterday and today. The label offers an energetic sportswear wardrobe. Its attention to detail is as attractive as the esthetic of the garments. References to the 1970s and the elegance of the 1990s make this wardrobe distinctive. For Drôle de Monsieur, nostalgia is always positive. The brand offers timeless pieces that are nevertheless totally in tune with the times. Comfort is a fixation for the label. A retro silhouette is updated with contemporary cuts for all-day and evening wear. Exploring Portuguese craftsmanship, the brand embellishes its creations with azulejo motifs for an artistic note of colorful earthenware.