The defining style of Undercover? Ambiguity! Its inspiration! Punk rock! This Japanese label is the brainchild of designer Jun Takahashi. He launched his brand in 1990, fusing Japanese design with American twists and plenty of British punk rock. The designer describes his style as "cute but scary", "ugly but beautiful"!
Undercover's clothes and accessories may be frequently described as punk, but this doesn't do justice to the brand's sombre, rebellious imagery.
Its collections reveal an astounding creative genius with incomparable casual garments. The brand is aimed at young men who like to assert their personality through daring outfits. The pieces feature striking motifs and prints that immediately grab everyone's attention. As for the cuts, they are comfy, straight and loose.
Undercover remains the go-to brand for fashion fans who love a modern streetwear look. With his recognisable and distinctive designs, Jun Takahashi is as much an artist as he is a fashion designer.