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Welcome to Los Angeles Rive Gauche*

event | August 29th 2018


After Brasil, Japan, Brooklyn, Paris and Italy, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche has chosen to land in Los Angeles in September.
From September 1st to October 21st, come discover the creative turmoil of the unique City of Angels that inspired us for this exhibition.
From Malibu beaches to Silver Lake shops, embrace the californian lifestyle from « Sunrise », to « Sunlight » and eventually « Sunset ».

Welcome to Los Angeles Rive Gauche !



If Paris is the city of lights, then Los Angeles is the city of sunlights. As soon as you land, the sun is everywhere around you : warming you with inspiration !

During the exhibition, le Bon Marché Rive Gauche is on California local time, from dawn to night. Sunrise, Sunlight and Sunset are the 3 times in a day that will give rythm to the exhibition and the scenography.

Sunrise, for the first hours of the day, we welcome you in a space dedicated to well-being, spirituality, self-awareness, all this through natural beauty products and yoga leisure.
Sunlight : let’s go to Venice Beach, the true surfers and skaters paradise. You will find bikes, sportswear and a great selection of beachwear and ready-to-wear.
It’s Sunset, and your day comes to an end. Let’s get rock’n’roll and glamour on Hollywood Boulevard. It’s the time of denim jackets, sunglasses and rumbling motorcycles while the sun goes down on Los Angeles.

Discover more than 200 fashion, accessories, beauty, food and home brands 100% Made in Los Angeles !

The Los Angeles Rive Gauche exhibition is also about experiences, such as the astonishing Zeppelin imagined by the designer and stylist behind the brand MadeWorn, Blaine Halvorson, or the tattoo studio of the most appreciated tattoo artist, Dr Woo.

A legend among Los Angeles Skaters, Scott Oster has imagined an impressive suspended skatepark above the Beauty Department, where skateboard performances will regularly take place.

Also on the program, morning Yoga classes and Pound fit, a fitness class combining pilates and cardio dance, well known among Californian girls.

Exclusive talks and a great selection of goods to customize, exclusively at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

Appointment and informations for Dr Woo’s tattoo, yoga and pound fit classes at the 01 44 39 81 81 and by email : relationsclientele@lebonmarche.fr. Within the number of seats available.

Discover more than 200 fashion, accessories, beauty, food and home brands 100% made in Los Angeles !