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meet : Philippine Janssens

Portrait | JUNE 23rd 2018


For several months, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche hosts Philippine Janssens, designer of female tailor-made pants under the 2nd floor skylights. Established in 2010, the eponymous brand offers the chance to women to create unique garment which will perfectly fit their silhouette and their tastes. An exceptional know-how enhanced with innovative manufacturing processes to design timeless and exclusive creations.

Why did you decide to create your own epnonymous brand of tailor-made pants?

Since I was a child, I have the chance to be surrounded by passionate people. First, my grand mother was dressmaker in some of the most prestigious sewing workshops in Paris and she shared with me her know-how and love of the job well done. Then my mother, who founded the well-known high-end fabric house Janssens & Janssens, taught me to choose carefully the most beautiful fabrics. What I daily share with my team and customers is the testimony of my family legacy: quality, genuineness and excellency.

Why did you choose to specifically reinvent pants?

It started from an incredible paradox! Trousers are the garment women wear the most... but also the most difficult one to find! On average, a woman will go in 6 different shops in order to find a pair of trousers - but most of the time it will a default choice and tight jeans or trousers! Pants must be the symbol of simpleness, rightness and elegance.

What do pants embody for you and for women, generally speaking?

Pants are not just clothes. They have been the symbol of women empowerment, especially at work. They marry freedom and comfort. The House Philippine Janssens wants to give them a sophisticated twist.

Why did you choose to create tailor-made clothes? How does that answer your customers's current expectations?

The current success of Philippine Janssens's trousers is a testimony of the tailor-made deep-rooted trend. Women do not want to wear fast-fashion anymore: they want top-quality clothes - well made with high-quality fabrics - which will last and make them feel comfortable.
Tailor-made must not be reduced to high-end fashion.It's a more dynamic, fair and cost-efficient way to consum. Todayn the real question is: "Should I buy 30 pairs of pants that I will wear only once or one paire that I will want to wear 30 times?".

Tailor-made must not be restricted to luxury. It's a more active and fair way to consum.

What are the different options to customize pants?

My label offers of course many different alternatives of customization such as the fabrics, the style options... But we guide our clients through their decision process!
Each woman has one model which looks best on her and fits her lifestyle, and that's we fidure out with her during her first appointment.
We have 5 iconic essentials: the "skinny", the "tapered", the "straight", the "flare" and the "wide". Each essential can then be modified according to different styles: classic, pleated, sailor cut, denim, veined, suit... It is also possible to choose the trousers look thanks to three different waists (low, middle and high) and different types of legs.
Then comes the main step of the fabric and details choice: pockets, belt, hem, lining, buttons...
We also offer seasonal models such as shorts, bermudas and ski tube trousers. Many women want us to make their wedding trousers!

Who is the Philippine Janssens woman, whad does she have in common with Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche's woman?

Our customers have the same wish: to get dressed with pants which combine simpleness and elegance. Two main concepts that you will find in the Parisian style!

The must-have trousers of all time for every women is the pair of pants they can wear every day, for every occasion, with all types of shoes

Appointments only
Monday to Saturday from 10am to 18:30pm
Call +331 44 39 80 00 and ask for Philippine Janssens's corner shop

Discover the Philippine Janssens room on the 2nd floor of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche