Ready-to-wear, Trousers & jeans ISABEL MARANT Women

Pants set the tone for today's fashion! Behind its simplicity lies the small detail that changes the style of this must-have garment in women's fashion, making it unique. Isabel Marant has understood this, developing a multi-faceted collection where originality is always present. The look is elegant and casual, with a touch of quirkiness in keeping with the tone of its effortless designer. This translates into a varied range, based above all on the diversity of models. The jeans play with topstitching and inserts. The pockets have been reinvented with unique, pointed cut-outs. The front seams gather for a casual, slightly ruffled effect to pair with a pair of pumps or heeled mules to feminize the look and create a unique, chic break. The Isabel Marant collection offers a wide range of styles, including cargo, slim, wide, canvas, denim, button-down, zipper and elastic pants. Each is complemented by a blouse, T-shirt or sweater, depending on fashion and weather.