Bags, Backpacks LOUIS VUITTON Women

Backpacks are more fashionable than ever. Gone are the soft shapes and schoolboy spirit, and now they're a must-have accessory in every wardrobe. More than just tote bags, they are chic, practical pieces that can be combined with or even replace traditional handbags. No longer worn over the shoulder or cross-body, these small objects can now be worn on the back. The designs are increasingly original, like the Louis Vuitton collection. The luxury brand's models are instantly recognisable by the logo either printed or embossed on their surface, a monogram combining the initials of its founder with other symbols: flowers and diamonds. Made from 100% recycled fabric or nylon, with a flap, a zip fastening and other features, each one has a large storage space and an inside pocket. The shoulder straps are adjustable for added comfort. Now is the time to choose your favourite and take advantage of all the benefits of this unique format!