Footwear is his domain. Michel Vivien created his eponymous brand in 1998, focusing exclusively on this essential item. A true footwear craftsman, he shares his passion by creating elegant and feminine models, combining timelessness with a bold approach. His versatile fashion style embraces the tradition of the greatest shoemakers. Even his way of looking at the shoe is different, imagining it as an object for walking and not as a simple ornament. It is, above all, designed to be practical and comfortable, notions to which Michel Vivien adds a personal touch. The heels are reasonably high and stable, with straps crafted to support the foot. And all these details underpin the charming models he designs. The cuts are intricate. This applies to all his creations, from boots to ankle boots, sandals, pumps and women's loafers. So classic and yet so original, these shoes fit like a second skin and complement all your outfits. 

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