RIXO Women

British designer duo Orlagh Mccloskey and Henrietta Rix bring their passion for vintage to their collections. These two friends founded RIXO in 2015, producing an easy-to-wear wardrobe with timeless touches. Their guiding principle is to create fun and enjoyable outfits, dedicated to all generations of women, regardless of nationality or size. A desire for total autonomy translates into an eclectic style, with a mix of signature styles. They don't hesitate to draw inspiration from and combine the Parisian fashion of the 70s with the iconic trends of the 90s. In addition to detailed feminine outfits in knitwear and silk, they don't hesitate to include metallic or animal motifs, as well as embroidery. Bold elements that you will find on the feminine selection of RIXO's creations, below. 

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