All Roger Vivier accessories tell a story. Their language is light-hearted, brimming with sensuality and joie de vivre. Ever since the opening of his inaugural Paris boutique in 1937, Roger Vivier has designed footwear for the emancipated woman. The French cordwainer, whose delicate and sumptuous footwear had already made his renown, pulled off a master stroke in 1954 by elevating the stiletto heel to the ranks of iconic fashion. With that one design, he invested women with a whole new aura. More creations were to follow, all equally spectacular – The Choc heel in 1959, the 1963 Virgule heel, vinyl thigh boots in 1966, and then leather versions in 1967. This Spring Summer 2017 season the Vivier woman is ready to travel, and with her comes her unique sense of luxury and sophistication. Parisienne at her soul, she is multicultural and deeply connected to the world around her. She mixes with aplomb influences from near and far and is just as at ease in Ibiza as she is in Paris while deftly playing with traditional codes day and night dressing. 
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