At the heart of Thom Browne's universe is a love of perfectly tailored clothing. Since opening his bespoke suit shop in New York in 2001, Thom Browne has established himself as the extravagant king of traditional costume, infusing it with personality and modernity. In 2011, he launched his first collection for women and created a classic, refined and original wardrobe; his creative spirit plays with proportions and gender to broaden the horizons of women's fashion. A crazy atmosphere is spreading through women's clothing. In the ready-to-wear line, very classic pieces such as the shirt or the pleated skirt are subverted by disproportionate volumes, superimposed reliefs or whimsical patterns. A seahorse appears on a sweater, a woollen dress creates the illusion of being a skirt, the emblematic red-white-blue grosgrain stripes feature on shortened hems. As for shoes, androgynous derbies lead the way for notched sneakers and eccentric loafers. In our Thom Browne selection for women, discover the avant-garde creations of the American luxury brand.