Founded in Germany in 1898 by Paul Morszeck, Rimowa is the luggage brand of choice for those who aren't afraid to push boundaries during their travels. Whether cabin-sized or designed to travel in the hold, for a short journey or a great adventure, Rimowa luggage is distinguished by its robustness, lightness, and contemporary design. Handmade in Cologne, the suitcase range and Essential, Original and Classic collections offer maximum durability combined with exceptionally low weight and high maneuverability. Polycarbonate, aluminum and, sometimes, magnesium are the key materials for these aviation-inspired pieces, while the parallel exterior grooves are the brand's trademark. Collector's editions and collaborations, such as their work with Supreme, make your Rimowa case much more than a simple travel companion: they're beautiful, high-end design objects to which you will become attached. In some cases, for designs with a unique aesthetic, they can even increase in value over time. Excellent, inspired suitcases for contemporary travellers would be a perfect motto for the brand.