AURELIE BIDERMANNAguas Merco necklace

Aguas Merco turquoise bangle-necklace dipped in 750/1000 yellow gold-plated adorned with iconics charms : Shells, a turtle and Ginkgo leave dipped in yellow gold, a genuime shell lacquered by hand in turquoise and a mother-of-pearl fish charm. Ride the surf in jewellery from the Aguas lines, decked out in lucky shells and turquoise and pearly details.
  • Description : Choker, multiple pendants, organic-inspired motif, hinged clasp.
  • Material : 18 carat yellow gold-plated
  • Color : blue
  • Care instructions : To look after your jewellery, we recommend cleaning it carefully with a soft cloth. To protect it, avoid contact with solvents or corrosive substances.