Thom Browne is the story of an American designer with a passion for tailoring who opened his small suit shop in 2001 in New York. In twenty years, the king of chic suits has brought the grey uniform up to date and slips a subtle extravagance into the elegance of his cuts. His surprising sensitivity and overflowing inspiration give personality to the fabric, erasing genres to enhance the garment in its purest form. The tailor's out-of-the-ordinary imagination delicately subverts the classic men's wardrobe. The Thom Browne men's collection is eccentrically elegant. In the men's ready-to-wear line, classic pieces are reinvented according to volumes, proportions and superimpositions, but always using simple colours and traditional fabrics. A dolphin brightens up a pair of chino pants, a hood hugs the lines of a blazer, a slightly undersized cut reinvents pinch pants. The famous red-white-blue grosgrain delicately adorns accessories and shoes. In our Thom Browne selection for men, a fantasy world inhabits the refined creations of the American tailor. 
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