In 2003, Kunihiko Morinaga founded his brand ANREALAGE and since 2014, the brand began showing at Paris Fashion Week. “ANREALAGE” combining three words, “REAL, UNREAL and AGE”. It embodies their idea of living in a paradoxical world that is both real and unreal. Their collections emphasize three key elements, “technology”, “hand craft work” and “borderless form”. Now a day, people seeing fashion on a screen, where clothes all come in the same size – a square on a smartphone screen that shows details of standard clothes. They want to reinterpret the reality of what they see by magnifying the details to create wearable pieces. Beyond the glare are the clothes in a scale they can’t express and understand on a screen. They want to find the value in the little details that they can easily pass by. Wear the detail. God is in the details.