Since its launch in 2006, Byredo has brought us a new world of scents. With Ben Gorham at the helm, this European brand is based in Stockholm. Prestigious perfumers including Jérôme Epinette have created a universe that evokes memories and emotions through the Maison's perfumes, make-up and accessory collections alongside leather goods. Ambience candles and subtle fragrances express the brand's vision of luxury. And it's hard to resist the details that adorn the products' designs. Byredo makes perfumes, perfumed oils, make-up and body care products. Men and women will find easily find their signature scent. For homes, there is a wealth of perfumes, from scented candles to fragrances. Bal d’Afrique, Blanche and Gypsy Water are among the Maison's bestsellers that will appeal to all senses. With Mumbai Noise, Byredo transports us on a heady olfactory experience inspired by the erstwhile Bombay. 
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