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Created with the idea of giving women the choice to assert themselves, French fashion house Dior established itself as a creative brand that redesigned the female silhouette, notably through dresses that have become legendary. Christian Dior, a visionary couturier Launched at the end of 1946, the company's designs focused immediately on haute couture, presenting its first fashion show a few months later. The very avant-garde collection offered lines that contrasted with the conventions of the time. Waistlines were emphasized, shoulders were narrow, busts high and rounded, and full skirts finished mid-calf. The ""New Look"" was a tribute to seduction and renewal. This lightness embodied the beauty to which the population aspired after long years of conflict. The emblematic Bar suit was also presented as part of this initial collection. An international success The company developed a worldwide presence with lines with evocative names (Corolle, Verticale, Naturelle, Sinueuse, Profilée, Tulipe, Libre, Fuseau...). But there are three main periods that defined the brand's history. The first was inspired by the New Look, the nickname given to its first collection. The second, from 1950 to 1953, used less markedly feminine cuts. The hips were distinctly less emphasized. The final period, from 1954 onward, corresponded with the famous H line, where the waist and curves seemed almost erased. Although the French fashion house lost its founder in 1957, it retained its expertise and original values by offering refined pieces designed with passion. Iconic muses As couturier to the stars, Dior has dressed Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Monica Bellucci, Sharon Stone, and Charlize Theron. Inspired by a range of forms of art, the 300 haute couture gowns designed since 1947 have been worn by princesses, queens, and first ladies who convey an elegant, modern image. The fashion house has thus fully contributed to making Paris the world capital of fashion. Making Dior dresses If it used to take three meters of fabric to produce a haute couture dress, it now takes the French designer twenty, as well as months of production. From the sketch to the assembly through to embroidery, the pieces are made with true technical and artistic expertise. Wedding dresses with infinite trains or embroidered with tulle have also been used as the closing pieces in fashion shows. For the 2021 spring-summer collection, the fashion house paid tribute to its founder's passion for the divinatory arts. Artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri reinterpreted the Miss Dior dress in gold lamé with an aged look. La Protagonista, meanwhile, honored an 18th-century technique known as ""lacca povera"", which imitates Chinese lacquerwork through the use of engravings. Dresses inspired by the past and looking to the future This temporal vision, a legacy of its founder, informs Dior's creations. Its contemporary pieces express a sensitivity and refinement that are the essence of the house. Both short and long dresses charm women with their elaborate designs. The emblematic Lady Dior bag or the Saddle Bag can accompany an elegant midi dress to enhance the female silhouette. The forward-facing brand is revolutionizing fashion with charming creativity."