Ready-to-wear, T-Shirts DIOR Women

As a wardrobe staple, the T-shirt is always looking for something new beyond its classic shape. The cut has evolved, a print has been created and the whole garment has been reinvented. Designers have understood this well, making understated tops essential for highlighting skirts or pants, as well as the mainstay of the collection. Dior is no exception. The brand has long made the T-shirt an integral part of its ready-to-wear range. Beyond a straight cut with a round collar, there's a lot of work done on the prints, whether it's an inscription, a graphic design or the identifying logo. The sleeves vary in width for a classic or very feminine look. This piece can be worn nonchalantly over jeans and with sneakers. In this respect, the brand also plays with the shape of the T-shirt. The slim fit is elegant and eye-catching. It's generally shorter in length, so you can slip it on over the bottoms of your choice, whether they be shorts, skirts or pants. It's guaranteed to have an effect!