DIOR Women

Christian Dior was the dream fashion designer. Since the founding of his House in 1946, consecrated by the New Look revolution, his visionary spirit has never ceased to glorify women all over the world, inspiring his successors more than ever today. "Material is the only vehicle for our dreams (...). In short, fashion comes from a dream, and the dream is an escape," he wrote in his book 'Je suis couturier' (I am a fashion designer). As his collections went by, Monsieur Dior became the demiurge of the happiness of his muses. Throughout the seasons, this exceptional heritage has been reinvented by Maria Grazia Chiuri, Artistic Director of the women's collections, and Kim Jones, Artistic Director of the men's collections. More than ever, Maria Grazia Chiuri reveals, through her collaborations, the talent, inventiveness and commitment of female artists and craftswomen from all over the world. Through this passion for transmission and this unprecedented dialogue between traditions, avant-gardisms and expertise of excellence, of which the French haute couture has been a major player, she radiates the essence of fashion, this inclusive and universal language. Her creations glorify female liberation as mumch as they do the respect for cultural plurality. 
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