An adventure that began in a garage and made its way into the fashion world. The Anine Bing brand, named after its creator, established itself in just a few years as a modern brand. Founded in 2012 in Los Angeles, it is aimed at women looking for timeless and urban clothing. Anine is inspired by Scandinavian and American styles, drawing on the simplicity of the former and the energy and colour of the latter. The great classics are represented, starting with the hoodie, straight jeans and joggers. These pieces rub shoulders with other much more original models, including the feminine version of the smart blazer and the rock print T-shirt. This versatile collection is designed for all women, letting them dress to suit every moment in their lives, whether for work, for going out or for leisure. The motifs are distinctive and varied. The materials are carefully selected to create quality clothing. A breath of freedom is blowing through fashion with Anine Bing. 
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