Since its launch in 1978 by Gianni Versace, the now internationally famous Versace haute couture brand has always designed pieces that are elegant and bold. Thanks to CEO Emmanuel Gintzburger and chief creative officer, Donatella Versace, this Italian label still likes to produce pieces that shock. The blend of different influences ensures the brand maintains its dynamic flair. A brand where traditional savoir-faire rubs shoulders with the latest trends. This classic meets contemporary approach means women's collections that show off an off-beat style. Plus Versace's love of mythology comes through with the famous Greca trim, the Medusa logo and the exuberant Barocco print. This makes the Versace woman free-spirited, daring, sensual and, most of all, unique! In addition to footwear and garments, the Italian brand also designs handbags, jewelry and a range of accessories. Each piece shows of love of experimenting, something that's integral to the brand's DNA. You'll find it hard to resist our Versace women's selection! 
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