When Pierre Balmain founded his fashion house in 1945 he broke with the era's conventions. His "New French Style" boldly reinvented clothing which was beautiful but functional. Together with other young designers he was at the forefront of the golden age of French couture. Paris once again became the capital of the fashion world. Olivier Rousteing, Balmain's artistic director for more than 10 years, takes inspiration from this heritage. He offers his Balmain Army a strong and inclusive style that is immediately recognisable. His creations celebrate the brand's artisanal skill. The numerous details modernise each piece while retaining their Parisian essence. He uses quilted leather, and complex weaves and stitching. Breathtaking technical skill is the signature of collections by Olivier Rousteing Some of his designs for men have become iconic, such as the structured six button jacket. In its Bbold collection the house takes traditional sneakers and gives them a futuristic line. Balmain's dynamic creations celebrate luxury with a rebellious spirit. 
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