Margiela presents its ready-to-wear and leather goods collections for men and women, with a style that is both original and striking. Created in 1988 by the Belgian designer Martin Margiela, this brand embodies the unique and unconventional. Since its earliest days Margiela has relied on an artistic heritage which goes far beyond the cult of personality. Allowing Martin Margiela to make an indelible mark on the world of fashion through his original way of deconstructing and then recreating clothes. Today his inspiration is also found in upcycled and oversized silhouettes. John Galliano was named creative director in 2014. He developed the Co-Ed ready-to-wear and accessory collections, in addition to his "Artisanal" line, which has been an Haute Couture collection since 2012. Under his direction, Margiela has cultivated a very bold creative line. The collections have artistic flair and details that can be restrained or outrageous. The famous Margiela numbered patches or motifs can be found throughout the collections. Womenswear includes subtly draped tops, coats, and dresses with intriguing blends of texture, contemporary bags and the Tabi shoe collections. Menswear reveals elegantly casual outfits, bags, slim fit pants and denim tank tops and jackets. Below is a selection of ready-to-wear, shoes and bags designed by Margiela. They stand out for their bold visual effect and intriguing styling, witness to the unique and flamboyant heritage of both Martin Margiela and John Galliano. 
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