The embodiment of contemporary elegance, Jil Sander has a very thoughtful approach to fashion. It is based on a minimalist heritage and exceptional skill. Jil Sander is a German designer who opened her first shop during the 60s. Her couture brand, which espouses simplicity, was born in the following years. The collections take inspiration from masculine styles to create a sleek esthetic designed for both men and women. Clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, jewelry ... the brand has a contemporary vision of fashion that is oriented on comfort, innovative materials and stylish lines. Jil Sander's style is sophisticated but also original, playing with contrast, unexpected details and meticulous cuts. Under the artistic direction of Lucie and Luke Meier the brand has ventured into casual wear with bright, unstructured pieces. The range stretches from T-shirts to coats, via jeans and knitwear. Jil Sander's DNA is enriched by this laid-back luxury, always in search of innovation. 
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