Boots & Ankle boots GIANVITO ROSSI Women

Gianvito Rossi is well-known for his minimalist aesthetic style and stands out from the crowd for his harmonious designs featuring a strong contemporary vision. His collections reflect the traditional expertise that has been passed down through the generations within the fashion house. Gianvito Rossi cultivates the aesthetic tradition while reconciling it with modern detailing, which raises his creations to the level of works of art. Gianvito Rossi boots demonstrate the company's creative and inventive spirit. Devoid of printing or logos, their elegant and stylish looks are instantly recognizable. Among the best-known models are the famous Chester boots with their elasticated sides, and the Wayne boots featuring the elegant metal buckle at the front. Cultivating a demanding, cutting-edge style, these collections feature Gianvito Rossi's highly distinctive stylistic identity. 
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