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Being the inheritor of the traditional Turkish baths, Hamam has been offering high end collections of bed and bath linen since 1999. The creations consist of organic cotton, silk, bamboo or linen in an elegant way, and offer sweetness and sensual delight in its collections.

As an expert in weaving industry, Hamam relates its craftsmen know-how with the most modern techniques developed in its R&D department. After several years of research, Hamam created a special process of rolling natural fibers in order to meet the high expectations and requirements of international customers: the Fibrosoft. The fabric is then softer and has got a pleasant touch, a high power of absorption and a superior resistance.

With natural tints, sophisticated materials, incontestable quality, and a soothing-captivating atmosphere, Hamam is ready to be placed in bedrooms and bathrooms.
Hamam is your partner of relaxation and well-being.

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Certified organic and Fair Trade bath towels

The production of the Galata Organic series is carried out under natural and ecological conditions, without the use of chemical additives and retains its original appearance after washing. The borders are inspired by the field culture. Galata Natural Organic Pure Cotton Towel with a thin decorative curb has the purity of organic cotton and helps to sustainably respect the environment.


Its natural colors combined with the softness of cotton, Pera gives your skin a feeling of well-being by combining comfort with bathing pleasure. Soft and 100% cotton Pera towel brings a breath of fresh air to your bathroom.


Perfected down to the finest detail with its unique craftsmanship and essential creations, each collection reflects Hamam's clean and natural style. ASH will become indispensable to your bathroom with its balanced blend of cotton and modal yarn.


Advanced special weaving technology, Fibrosoft. The selection of raw material and high-tech production give an exclusively soft and eternal touch since it comes from the nature. HAMAM not only contributes to relaxation but also actively protects health. Our products are protected by the Microban® brand to keep bacteria away from our textiles.


Hamam offers a choice of beach towels, alluring patterns in double gauze printed and dyed in yarn. Double gauze cotton is a light and airy fabric ideal for feeling the comfort on your skin. With the range of beach towels and foutas, you will be able to have a good time at the seaside.