IRO Women

Using an anagram of "roi" (the French for "king"), IRO is a Parisian brand. It was inspired by rock 'n roll styles that were popular in the USA during the 70s and 80s. The brand's aim is to create a wardrobe that's simple but striking - just like an original theme tune. IRO is for real women and not the glossed-over ones that grace magazine covers. It's for the women we see every day, for a femininity that is often underrepresented. A touch of Parisian romance and quirky Tokyo twists are blended with a vintage New York rock 'n roll style. This combo means this French brand has achieved the perfect balance between modernity and sophistication. We mix the cuts and the materials, and let the seasons run into one another. IRO livens up leather with a print, layered with tight or loose garments to combine each season's pieces uniquely. This meeting of styles reflects the women who inspire the brand. Strong, independent and dynamic, they fear nothing and know no limits. These muses know what they need and wear what they like. 
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