Since its launch in 1988, Maison Margiela has won over modern women after an non-conformist look. In 2014, Martin Margiela handed over the artistic director role to John Galliano who in turn has continued with the brand's confident, extravagant style. Breaking rules, experimenting and deconstructing - all the elements needed for a singular look. Visually, Maison Margiela's stand-out pieces include flagship designs like the split-toe Tabi footwear, the famous 4-topstitch trim, ripped finishes and the numbered logo tab that has gone down in fashion history. Fashion has become art through expressive pieces that embody the brand's self-assured, rebellious spirit. Maison Margiela bags also have the brand's original avant-garde style. Lines include the New Lock, the Snatched, the Glam Slam and the most well-known design, the 5AC bag. Thanks to these unconventional pieces, this iconic brand continues to push fashion and design boundaries. 
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