The fashion credo of the Nanushka label is easy wear, reflected in its functional and elegant pieces. The design, focused on craftsmanship and fabrics, is practical and intuitive. Founded in 2006 by Sandra Sandor, the Hungarian label is creating a contemporary wardrobe with low environmental impact materials. The collections are designed in Budapest and manufactured entirely in Europe. This sustainable production method is paired with creative design, combining respect for traditional techniques with contemporary silhouettes. Sandra Sandor draws her inspiration from a spiritual journey through time, but also through cultures. A fusion between East and West, her creations are designed to be worn in any situation. Nanushka's clothes offer fluid, comfortable and distinctive cuts. The pieces are durable and high-quality, and the brand is committed to a cruelty-free ecological process with, for example, the development of vegan pieces. The brand's signature style communicates an air of easy confidence and true well-being. 

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