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Odile Lecoin is a luxurious French cosmetic skincare brand specifically conceived to help women to revive and to keep the "Âge d'Or" (Golden Age) state of the skin while reducing the signs of aging: an ode to eternal youth.

For more than thirty years, Odile Lecoin has been dedicating to create the simplest, most effective facial treatment in her Paris private practice. Out of her experience has come a line of skincare that aims to revive and maintain the skin’s condition at its Golden Age.

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In the span of every woman’s life, there is a moment, a lapse in time, when she is the most beautiful inside and out – such as her Golden Age. ‘OR’ means ‘Gold’ in French, Odile Lecoin uses the word ‘OR’ in every product to emphasise the preciousness in preserving eternal youth.

A line of luxury and easy-to-use skincare product created in 2002, designed to meet the essential requirements for her international A-list clientele. Seize the moment and let it be forever because every woman deserves to glow.

We believe in a "Less is more" vision of beauty – keeping a youthful look should not be complicated. An ‘effortless beauty’ is the new absolute luxury.

Our philosophy? Combine an effortless beauty ritual "à la Parisienne" and the pleasure of absolute luxury. Our products are simple and pleasurable to use. They're suitable for any type of skins and their proven effectiveness respects the needs of every skin. We design every product in mind to provide the ultimate sensual and tactile pleasure that turns every beauty routine into a precious moment of indulgence and wellbeing.

OR, JE SUIS, the anti-aging serum "par excellence"

A real concentrate of strenght and energy for the skin with a lifting power. In the morning and evening, apply OR, JE SUIS on the face, neck and décolleté, paying particular attention to the expression lines and gently patting with fingertips. Day after day the skin is transformed and looks younger.

OR, JE M'ENVOLE, the new generation toner

A new generation toner, alcohol-free, fights against free radical that tones, smooth and illuminate the skin. OR, je m’envole, is an alcohol-free toning lotion, which prepares skin for day and night cream. Kudzu Root Extract (5%), an extremely powerful antioxidant, it combats free radicals and firm the skin. As for sage extract, it has always been used in Mediterranean cultures for its astringent and healing properties. It also regulates oily skin and has demonstrated its excellence in regenerating tissue. This extraordinary toner provides absolute comfort to hydrates the skin; an exquisite combination of soothing and energising sensations leaving the skin revitalised and satin-soft.