ERES Women

The Eres brand has been enchanting us with its swimwear for over 50 years. Founded in 1968 in Paris, it has maintained a modern feel over the years. It moves easily from one fashion trend to another, offering models tailored to its customers' tastes. It was one of the first brands to start marketing swimwear all year round. This consideration of new lifestyles may seem trivial, but it has contributed significantly to the brand's success, demonstrating its ability to adapt. Eres is also responsible for the bikini trend. Similarly, the trend for mismatched swimwear can be traced back to the designer, who is never short of imagination when it comes to challenging established conventions. In 1996, the brand was acquired by a major player in the fashion industry: Chanel. The spirit is still there, but it has become more diverse. With the arrival of the luxury giant has come a new range of lingerie. Today, the brand has a worldwide presence. 
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