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A Californian home

Design | 12 SEPTEMBRE 2018


Luminous, colorful and bohemian, californian interiors reflect the sweet West Coast lifestyle. Interior decoration cultivates a boho-folk look, ethnic but above all artisanal, always connected to nature. Clay – terracotta, shaped and glazed – occupies a central position, as do soothing scents and pared-down designs.
With exotic scented candles, blankets and delicate linens, colourful ceramics and decorative items in untreated materials, be inspired by the Home selection at Le Bon Marché and bring a touch of California into your living space.

As the first impression when you enter a space, welcoming scents contribute to a peaceful ambience. Esotericism abounds with ROEN candles, hand-made in a little Los Angeles bungalow, which recreate the scents of citrus fruit and jasmine that fill the city with fragrance on spring evenings.

Le Feu de l’Eau candles, meanwhile, defy the elements like surfers defy the waves, with their unique fabrication as they are moulded using water for a natural look. They are available in solar colors such as yellow, orange or ocean-like blue.

In your living room, dress your sofa with a K-apostrophe blanket. Entirely hand-made and inspired by textile traditions from around the world, each design represents a feeling, emotion or thought from the present time. Perfect for adding colour and a serene, bohemian atmosphere to your interior.

To decorate the table or fireplace, why not choose ceramic pieces by the artist Pauline Wolstencroft. Inspired by the idyllic landscapes and comforting colours of California, all her pieces are hand-made.

Next we’re heading into the bedroom with Block Shop, where the household linens and bedding in natural shades and linear patterns are inspired by North Indian craftsmanship combined with Californian expertise. Because Los Angeles is, above all, a melting-pot of cultures and techniques.

Pawena paints cactuses, symbols of the mythical Californian desert, onto gorgeous terracotta pots, to add a touch of green to your balcony.