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Portrait | JUNE 18th 2018

Meet Stéphane Bossard, l'Atelier La Cornue's chef

Three Wednesdays per month, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche invites the chef Stéphane Bossard to cook one of his recipes at the Atelier La Cornue. Inspired by Asian gastronomy, he promotes a modern and surprising cuisine which combines tastes and flavours. While he was cooking his own version of the Tatin pie, we met him at the Atelier La Cornue so he can share his chef's secrets with you!

How did you become a chef?

I have a somehow very classic career path: I first went to an hotel school next a pastry training. Then I became cook in an embassy before launching my own catering service for private individuals. It was a turning point in my life because this status gave me the chance to travel a lot. From the United States to London or in Thailand, I discovered new tastes and new ways to cook.

What did attract you in Asian cuisine?

Firstly of course: products. Asia has a great production of fresh products like cauliflower or asparagus which you can find in the street markets. This is also the land of spices which act like taste-enhancers: ginger, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir leaves lime, fresh chilli, green pepper, coriander... There are so many! Then I was seduced by the way of cooking at the last minute. Ingredients are hand-picked in the morning, are sold on stands or in the street markets and are then stir-fried on demand.

Speaking of ingredients, what are your favorite products in La Grande Épicerie de Paris?

The power of La Grande Épicerie de Paris is obviously its large range of products which are sometimes hard to fin elsewhere. For a chef like me, it's a real gold mine and a great source of inspiration.
I particularly like the olive oils wall which offers a targeted and rare selection: sweet and fruity oils, black oils, truffle oils or green oils. It's a key ingredient that I like to use in my recipes. With a squeeze of lemon juice, it makes a good alternative from rich sauces.

Three Wednesdays per month at the Atelier La Cornue in Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, you come and cook a recipe around different themes. And this week, you prepared a Tatin pie. Could you tell us more about this dessert?

I choose to make a Tatin pie my way, using flavours that I really like. That's why I added some pomelo to give a sour, but also Summer taste to the sweetness of baked apple. In the same way, I replaced vanilla ice cream by a light Matcha tea whipped cream.

To conclude, could you give us a chef's secret?

To make a good whipped cream, put your bowl and cream in the fridge. You have to choose a thick, non-fat reduced cream in order to make a perfect whipped cream. The emulsion of fat will help you beat the cream. It will also get more compact thanks to the cold!

Generally speaking, to cook tasty meats and fishes, the baking process is the key element. For meats that need to be roasted, grilled or browned, you can quickly pan-fry them before baking them in the oven on 150° maximum. The baking process may be longer but they will taste more tender and perfumed. Being patient is a great quality when it comes to cooking!

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