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Meet Jeanne Signoles


Founded in 2014 by designer Jeanne Signoles, L/UNIFORM creates bags and leather accessories that are extremely practical, colourful and, above all, very elegant. This avid traveller dreamed of beautiful, sturdy, lightweight and practical bags, with a similar look to work bags, which are wonderfully simple and functional. So she decided to draw her inspiration from them and make them at her home in Carcassonne. Travel bags, luggage, pouches... there is a bag for all occasions and tastes, as each design can be fully personalised, from the colour of the handle to embroidered initials.

What was the starting point for l/Uniform ?

Everything started with a desire to go back to the essentials. I wanted to create a brand of high-quality, beautifully crafted accessories for everyday use. Lightweight, practical and, above all, useful bags and accessories.

You design a very diverse range of bags from travel bags, to sports bags and jewellery boxes; what do all the l/Uniform designs have in common?

The goal of l/Uniform is to meet everyday needs or create bags for a specific purpose – we all need a bag to do our shopping, a satchel for school, a travel bag, etc. All these accessories are, first and foremost, practical and sturdy, but also lightweight and as strong as possible. This is why selecting the materials is very important to me: woven fabrics, resistant cotton, high-quality leather, etc.

Your accessories are very colourful; why is colour so important?

Colour is of the utmost importance to me. When I thought about designing a range of bags and accessories, I wanted to compensate for the ‘sadness’ of the usual colour choices for this type of bag. For example, shopping tote bags used to come in the obligatory blue, black or slightly inelegant checked plastic material. I wanted to add beige, yellow, red or even pale pink trimmings to a more understated navy fabric. My aim was to give functional accessories a cheerful and fancy touch.

You offer a personalisation service at Le Bon Marché; why is it important to be able to carry unique pieces?

Our bags and accessories have quite simple shapes. Giving our customers the chance to choose the colour of the fabrics, cottons or leathers is a way of creating many possible combinations, which are best suited to each person's taste. And for anyone looking for a unique piece, you can also add your initials to them!

*Free personalisation service with any purchase of a L’UNIFORM piece (item personalised in-store)

Which bag from your collection would you recommend for a three-day romantic getaway or for a long family trip?

For a three-day romantic getaway, I would recommend suitcase No.40 : it is chic, in fabric and leather, very lightweight and practical with several storage compartments inside. It is the most refined model from the L’Uniform luggage collection, and I always receive a lot of compliments when I travel with it!
For our family summer holidays, my children, husband and I have chosen the same 48 Hour Bag No.35 in different colours so that we don’t get them mixed up. It's a way of matching each other, while we each have bags which suit us with our own choice of colour and trimmings!

What will be your summer destination?

The Costa Brava! We have spent all our summer holidays there for a few years. It is our little paradise.