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La Famiglia Rive Gauche

Event | SEPT 4, 2017

The “La Famiglia* Rive Gauche” exhibition is running until 22 October at Le Bon Marché.

After Brooklyn and Paris, Le Bon Marché is inviting the whole of Italy from 6 September to 22 October to its big autumn exhibition “La Famiglia Rive Gauche”. And what better than a large family to embody the country’s countless treasures?
Fashion, beauty, design, art and cuisine are explored through the eyes of an attractive and charismatic Italian family, as if each member of the family had selected their favourite objects and shared the secrets of a way of life which is envied the world over. *The family

With the “La Famiglia Rive Gauche” exhibition, Le Bon Marché adopts the pace of “la dolce vita**” and takes us on a journey to discover the treasures of a country that fascinates and excites our imagination.

When it comes to Fashion, Le Bon Marché is showcasing an unexpected and contemporary approach to Italian style, bringing together up-and-coming brands and age-old expertise. For women, we see the entirely vibrant look from PARDEN’s, and the colourful collections and playful touch from the world of WAIT AND SEE, a Milan store founded by Uberta Zambeletti.

For men, Le Bon Marché takes us for a stroll along Italian roads and reveals a dynamic picture of a country with a frenetic pace, where technology is combined with an impeccable appearance. AGNELLI and its electric vintage bicycles, which are entirely handmade, have been given free rein, as has PINARELLO, the famous Italian brand, which custom builds all its bicycles.

** “Sweet life”

A unique social occasion, meals are an institution in Italy. At the “La Famiglia Rive Gauche” exhibition, Le Bon Marché features cooking, food and tableware in the pure Italian tradition – ingredients, fine deli products, as well as objects and tableware. FUNKY TABLE, a famous Milan concept store, presents its collections of fun and quirky objects for the kitchen and the house. AL DENTE LA SALSA and IL GELATO DEL MARCHESE have also come to La Grande Épicerie de Paris to let us taste their selections of pastas, sauces and ice-cream made following the authentic methods.

To completely immerse us in Italian aesthetics, the artist Edoardo Tresoldi has celebrated his country’s cultural heritage by designing two monumental installations, which have been given the title “Aura”. The artist decided to make two domes for Le Bon Marché that strike up a dialogue between the Italian Renaissance and the ruins of historical buildings. These ghost-like architectural forms have transformed the shop into a timeless sculptural area.

The “La Famiglia Rive Gauche” exhibition is running from 6 September to 22 October Le Bon Marché on all floors.

Italy and its legendary “dolce vita**” are inspiring the new season at Le Bon Marché

The best of Italy through 3 designers

The new collection from Smeg, “Sicily is my love”, is the result of a partnership with Dolce & Gabbana. It is a homage to Sicily and its multi-coloured folklore.

Wait&See, a Milan concept store, offers the best of Italian avant-garde fashion and small items with cheerful, colourful and playful messages. Life is beautiful!

From Puglia, Parden’s brings together famous Italian expertise with modern prints and highly contemporary silhouettes.

And also... All the fashion, beauty, design, sport, art and cuisine.