Meet : Make My Lemonade

Portrait | March 18, 2019

Make my Lemonade, the famous blog of Lisa Gachet, pushes today the doors of the Bon Marché and settles at the exhibition Geek Mais Chic. Curious and hand-to-mouth, Lisa Gachet shares with us all the colorful and sparkling universe of her collection that looks like her, but also who looks like you!

Tell us how your Make My Lemonade brand came about...

It all began 13 years ago, when I went to Paris to study fashion design at Duperré, qualifying with a diploma and a degree in fashion design at the age of 21.

Soon after, I started working for Yves Saint Laurent as an Assistant Coordinator in the men’s design studio, which was amazing and really rewarding.
Having specialised in children's fashion as a student, I wanted to get more creative and start sketching again, among other things.

So, I decided to go to Bonpoint for a few months, which was a very positive experience on a human level. I learned a lot about team management, my own mind and limitations.

It was then that I also decided to launch my Do it Yourself website teaching people how to do things by hand (fashion, cookery, home décor, etc.)

It gained an instant following! I applied myself to it full-time with brands contacting me about doing workshops, backdrops for photo shoots, window displays, etc.
However, I eventually started to miss working as a fashion designer, so thought about how I could combine it all...

Then I decided to launch my ready-to-wear label, creating my own exclusive designs in small quantities, but didn’t limit myself to just clothes. Sewing patterns were also part of my offering from the beginning. That was May 2015, nearly 4 years ago!

Make my Lemonade has a very feminine and colourful, even unconventional feel. Is this what you had in mind when you were starting out?

I wasn’t really aware of it. I mainly wanted to make clothes that I wanted to wear. Colourful, cheerful pieces that give you a real confidence boost. We design each piece to be as close-fitting as possible, so you feel self-confident, but still yourself!

What can you tell us about the unique digital experience you are offering at Le Bon Marché, as part of the Geek Mais Chic exhibition?

We wanted to bring haberdashery into the digital era.
The idea involves using an iPad to produce a sewing project, choosing from our patterns (there are over 50 to choose from) and exclusive Make My Lemonade fabrics.
Having done that, you are sent a list by email, detailing how much fabric you need, the pattern and accessories required.
When it comes to creating something just for you, the possibilities are endless!

Do you think customisation/digital represents the future of fashion?

I think the future of fashion will be affected by more mindful consumption, so buying less but of better quality. So why not embrace the DIY approach to wearing clothes you might have chosen to make yourself, ensuring you get what you really want?

Anything Geeky to declare?
The case for my Airpods, hanging off my keys...

Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche vous invite à découvrir dès le 30 Mars la collection Capsule 4EVER Spéciale Mariage entre la créatrice de robe de mariées Elise Hameau et Make My Lemonade.

Les deux créatrices ont oeuvré à 4 mains pour imaginer des pièces collectors pour se dire oui, mais aussi à porter tous les jours pour les amoureuses des belles choses ! Le tout Made in Paris, dans des matières naturelles.