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Portrait | FEB 28th 2018


They are coming from the millenials generation and grew up in a world crazy about logos. Whether it is on Instagram or on their blog, they daily strike the pose wearing logotype clothes. Today their status of prescriber is undeniable: influencers are the new fashion gurus, they play with styles and attitudes and instantly share pictures of their lives, inspirations and states of mind.

During the latest exhibition of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Let's Go Logo !, 8 influencers struck the pose wearing logos all over across the pathways of Le Bon Marché and La Grande Épicerie de Paris. Inspired by the exhibition and their outfits, Anil and the two founders of "J'aime Tout Chez Toi" blog, Alice and JS, told us their feelings about the capsule collection and their personal vision of the logo.

Everyday, Anil shares his life between Paris and Geneva, his trips around the world and his passion for fashion with his 760 000 followers on Instagram. He confesses that he was one of the first fans of Virgil Abloh's work for OFF-WHITE.

How would you describe your relationships with logos in the way you afford clothes and dress?

Most of all, I am a big fan of OFF-WHITE. Virgil Abloh creates very big and unmissable logos and what I find mostly interesting is that he can mix them up with very simple fashion items and adds a fashion twist visible from afar. I personally like to wear the kind of classic jacket which shows behind my back a large logo that makes the difference. This is completely the style I like and that's why I appreciate Let's Go Logo ! event!

In your mind what does the logo embody?

The logo fully represents the identity of a brand. Let's think about OFF-WHITE, the most glaring example at this time. The cross Virgil Abloh uses on his clothes, when you see it, you immediately recognize it. And I believe the true power of a logo is when you face it and can tell the name of the brand. Singularity of a brand is not only due to the name of it, but to its logo, such as the F of FENDI or OFF-WHITE's cross.

Alice and JS form a passionate couple in real life and on their blog, "J'aime Tout Chez Toi", which they both write for 5 years. While they share a consuming passion for fashion, they are used to street styles and runway shows and naturally have their opinion to give about logos.

How would you describe your relationships with logos in the way you afford clothes and dress?

[Alice] I do care about logos, especially since the launch of the logo statement trend for a couple of seasons. The logo is coming back and brands do play with their symbol. That's why I believe that the Bon Marché Rive Gauche's event is great because it corresponds with the current trend. Moreover it's funny and made with good taste, I need to buy everything!

« Pour moi, le logo, c'est l’identité propre d’une marque, et ce qu'on en voit en premier. Ce n’est que par la suite que l’on découvre l’univers de la marque et ses collections. » Alice @jaimetoutcheztoi