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Meet: Marin Montagut

Portrait | November 12th 2018


Picture above by © Hope Curran

As a self-educated esthete, Martin Montagut creates objets that are missing in his life. Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche has the honor to host the very first pop-up of his eponymous brand. You will find an exclusive collection of scarves, cushions, table sets...inspired by his favorite places in paris and astrology. We chared a moment to talk about his passion for the french lifestyle and craftmanship.

What were your sources of inspiration when creating this range for Le Bon Marché?

Paris is one of my main sources of inspiration. A challenge that I relish is designing precious items and paying homage to this city without falling into the kitsch of souvenirs. My collections of scarves, cushions and ceramics on which I illustrated maps of my favourite Parisian areas are examples. The stars and the cosmos have also inspired me to work with the imaginary world and poetry. I illustrated the 12 astrological signs in a collection of cushions and tableware, which allow customers to purchase their astrological sign or give someone theirs as a gift. I love the idea of approaching a relatively common theme with everyday objects, which make the everyday more cherished.

What does Le Bon Marché mean to you?

The first word that comes to my mind is “Mythical”. It is one of those rare department stores that still has that old-fashioned charm, which makes young and old alike delight in an interior which looks like it has come straight out of a film starring Audrey Hepburn. It is like a city of dreams on the Rive Gauche. There is only one Le Bon Marché in the world, and I am very honoured to be able to open my first pop-up store there. When I was 20 years old, I even worked at Le Bon Marché for a few months to earn a little on the side. I often dreamt about spending a night there. This dream became a reality not long ago as I had the chance to spend a whole night there when I was putting up the decoration for my pop-up store. What a magical moment!

There is only one Le Bon Marché in the world, and I am very honoured to be able to open my first pop-up store there.

You published the book “Sous les toits de Paris” (Under the Roofs of Paris) with Ines de la Fressange. Can you tell us about how you met ?

I met Ines when I was working as an assistant for the film-set decorator Christian Sapet at the Saint-Ouen flea market. I was perched at the top of a stepladder about to knock in the first nail in his office and hang up his first picture. It became clear very quickly that we shared a taste for decoration. Then our publishers suggested that we publish a book combining our shared worlds and our passion for decoration. After a year’s work, I am proud of and happy with our baby “Sous les toits de Paris”, which is a tribute to interiors that are not decorated but lived in.