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Meet : Mathilde Cabanas

Portrait | February 8, 2019


Named after the illustrator and official purveyor of "Bisou", the brand created by Mathilde Cabanas deals in cheery and playful stationery, accessories and everyday objects.
To celebrate Valentine’s Day, she’ll be setting up shop (an exclusive mini-market themed pop-up shop, to be exact) at Le Bon Marché until 17 February.
T-shirts, bowls, pin badges, jewellery, bags, socks... Pick out a little or a larger token of your love for someone (or why not treat yourself ?).

So who's behind the Mathilde Cabanas brand ?

I am the illustrator and designer for the brand named after myself. I started out signing my illustrations and my signature grew into a brand. I’m into Pan Con Tomate, Spain and funky nail varnish! Also behind the brand is Alex, my business partner and the other half of the Mathilde Cabanas duo, who helps bring my ideas to life."

From where do you draw your inspiration and energy day-to-day for the upbeat, colourful world you inhabit ?

I love the colours, the unabashed and spontaneous quality of a child’s world. Our products appeal to adults and children alike. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but try to spread some craziness and cheer through our products.

We don't take ourselves too seriously, but try to spread some craziness and cheer through our products.

What can you tell us about the mini-market you’ve designed especially for Le Bon Marché ?

We chose the mini-market theme for its quirky, retro quality. We wanted to create a light-hearted convenience store where everyone could find a little something either for themselves or for someone else. There’s small everyday items (notebooks, pencils, masking tape, posters, tableware, etc.), as well as clothes for children and adults, featuring the famous "Bisou", of course. There’s also a wheel of fortune that everyone can have a go on and maybe take home a mystery prize!

From all the things in the mini-market, what would be a "safe bet" for a Valentine's Day gift ?

The "Bisou" handled bowl. They’re unique pieces that I paint by hand at the Pornic pottery. Use them to get your day off to a warm and fuzzy start.

Who are you saving your kisses for...?

Simon <3