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Portrait | JULY 23rd 2018


Since she was a child, Nawal Laoui has always been passionate about jewelry creation. In 2017 she decided to give up everything and to launch here own jewelry brand, Persée. She is inspired by her home country Morocco, the world trip she made when she was 25, contemporary arts and Greek mytholoy: the name of Persée comes from Perseus, the child of Danaë and Zeus, transformed into a gold rain.
Convinced that jewelry should be worn everyday, Nawal Laoui present one carat diamonds maximum which she directly pierced in modern approach to unveil its authenticity and natural shine. She also creates adjustable jewels to wear as a necklace or a bracelet, as you wish.

Nawal Laoui shares her vision about today's jewelry with Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche and gives you all her secrets to make diamonds match with your Summer style.

© Marine Kapur

How do you reveal diamond's authenticity and its beauty?

During my world trip, I spent a month in Japan where I learnt the technique of Japanese jewelers. They directly pierce the diamond and work with very thin chains - the stone is in direct contact with the skin. Persée is driven by the desire to offer a naked and pure diamond with no mounting: authentic, the stone is sparkling and radiating even more. When the true beauty of the stone is revealed, the diamond unveils a fascinating lighting.

© Marine Kapur

The Fibule line is one of your most known creation. Could you tell us its story?

The Fibule line was born from a visit in the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris. I walked into an exhibition dedicated to jewels and ornaments from North Africa and there, I discovered the fibula, the ornamented safety pin that women used to wear to tie their clothes. It was considered as a really precious jewel.
I decided to recreate the fibula into earrings and necklaces with a diamond which seems to hover and captures the light.

© Marine Kapur

How to wear jewelry everyday, and especially in Summer?

My jewels are very delicate and easy to wear everyday. Like a tattoo, they are so closed to the skin that you forget how light and singular they are!
In Summer, what's better than wearing diamonds and gold, to shine under the sun? I created hip chains and body necklaces to wear with a bikini. For the night, a Jacquemus dress will perfectly macthes with a Matisse earring!

Come and discover Nawal Laoui's creations and her brand Persée on the ground floor of Le Bon Marché, in the Jewelry and Accessories space.

© Marine Kapur