Meet : Rivieras

Portrait | 17 mai 2019


Could the age-old summer dilemma of flip flops vs. espadrilles be solved? In any event, that’s what Dan Amzallag and Fabrizio Corveddu had in mind when they founded their cheerful shoe brand, Rivieras. Halfway between loafers and espadrilles, the hybrid "Rivieras" look trendy and casual both day and night.
Meet Fabrizio Corveddu.

Rivieras, the shoe of the summer

Why did you want to revive espadrilles, first and foremost?

Rivieras aren't quite espadrilles... Their unique design draws on various influences and is somewhere between a loafer and an espadrille. They incorporate a rubber sole, a heel and in the case of the classic Rivieras, cotton mesh. All these elements make them perfect for summer; being casual yet stylish, you can wear them down to the beach, or when going out at night.

According to your Instagram account, the Rivieras manifesto is "sleepless nights and blazing sun". How would you style Rivieras for day and for night?

Day or night, Rivieras are perfect with trousers, loose or fitted, as long as they reveal the ankles, but not necessarily with turn ups, which is what tends to happen...
If I were to pick one great look for wearing Rivieras, it would be Alain Delon in the film "Purple Noon".

Casual but stylish, Rivieras are perfect accessories for summer – you can wear them down to the beach, as well as for going out at night.

Where do you get your inspiration when it comes to creating the patterns and choosing the colours and fabrics for shoes in keeping with the colourful and graphic Rivieras brand?

We are influenced by many fields beyond that of fashion. Our collections are inspired by different eras in design, various artists... Each of the Rivieras themes embodies an artistic fantasy that always begins with feet at the water's edge.

Can you tell us more about the materials used and how Rivieras are made?

Our selections are primarily geared towards natural materials that allow us to bring out new breathable designs, cotton mesh having been our distinguishing feature at the start. We therefore craft perforated and woven materials in partnership with our suppliers, most of whom are Spanish. They are produced in factories that have been working in exactly the same way since the 50s, using traditional craftsmanship.

The "A Babord Toute" (Ship Ahoy) exhibition features all sorts of products for your great escape and runs until 23 June at Le Bon Marché.
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Rivieras! ;)

Rivieras footwear can be found in Men’s Fashion on the Lower Ground Floor, in Women's Fashion on the 2nd floor and in Children’s Fashion on the 3rd floor.