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Fashion | MAY 31ST 2018


Under the shadow of a giant palm tree, the sunlights pass through the turquoise water of a pool and a neon pink buoy floats lazily. The stage is set in order to spend a Summer full of promises! Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche kicks off the summery season and presents the must-have bathing suits collection.
One piece or bikini, printed or solid, high-waisted or low bottoms : Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche reveals the latest trends and gives you its precious advice to find out the perfect swimsuit you're going to love all Summer long.

Photo : « Flirting » swimsuit by Chiara Ferragni Collection, « Shell Beach » swimsuit by Albertine, « Sari Bijou » swimsuit by Lise Charmel

© Laurent Rouvrais



For a long time, the retro one piece swimsuit was put aside because of its athletic aesthetic. This season, it is making a comeback and has been pimped with retro-inspired details which bring a twist of feminity. It's time for high-waisted fake bottoms, embroideries and refined details.

Albertine's creative sisters reinvent the swimwear codes and marry old school shapes with ultramodern details such as zips or laces to tie.
Which body shape? Among the numerous models of the collection, try the Phoenix one piece swimsuit which gives a graceful appearance to the body. The contrast given by the high bottom and the pearly material marks the waist.

Inspired by the Sixties lady, the Spanish brand Siyu has designed a 2018 Swimwear collection showing geometric patterns, elegant and simple shapes, bright and deep colours. The collection sounds like a cheerful tribute to the Hollywood icons of the time.
Which body shape?Cubos swimsuit pleases plunging necklines fans while slimming square shoulders. Wear it from day to night with wide leg pants to dress up like a real Sixties lady.

Photo: « Phoenix » swimsuit by Albertine
Albertine & Siyu Beachwear are available on the 1st floor of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche.


The high-waisted bikini bottom is the must-have piece this season again, after having been considered as not trendy anymore for a while. This time, it's colourful and modern, and not intended for a certain type of body anymore.

Eres, which brings its bold vision of beachwear since the Sixties, unveils this season several high-waisted bottoms to mix and match with triangle or bandeau tops to create a modern style. The 3/4 seams on the side and the belt-style tie of the Landscape model have a slimming effect on the silhouette.
Which colour should you choose? Think outside the box and try the deep green: an elegant colour which beautifies all skins, the lightest as the darkest. Different from black, it radiates and gives a glow to the skin tone.

After the launch of her premium lingerie brand Livy in 2017, Lisa Chavy unveils Livystone, her beachwear collection. Designed to please every women, this new collection is divided in 3 themes: Paris, New York and Los Angeles.
What colour should you choose? For a bold style, try the Boardwalk bottom. Its floral red and white pattern makes a contrast with the striped elastic band.

Photo: « Boardwalk » swimsuit by Livy
Eres & Livy are available on the 1st floor of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche.


One piece or bikinis, no matter what you prefer unless there are flowers, fruits, unexpected and colourful prints on your swimsuit. This season highlights bathing suits covered with well-thought and exotic patterns.

Inspired by the rebel and careless way of life of the Seventies icons, Roseanna designs a floral Spring-Summer 2018 collection. The Sagas one piece bathing suit is surprising thanks to a refined and floral print which perfectly matches with a tanned complexion.
Where do you take it on holidays? In Ibiza of course. On day time, on a secret and private beach and in the night, put on a loose linen tunic.

From her past as a stylist and fashion editor, Lisa Marie Fernandez still has an eye to find the perfect shapes for every kind of bodies. Her swimsuits are made in technical and innovative fabrics and enhances feminine curves. Mira swimsuit shows off the shoulders and the breast with a modern and floral pattern.
Where do you take it on holidays? On a pool side under Tulum's palm trees. Or in the streets of New York with a midi button front skirt.

Photo: « Mira » swimsuit by Lisa Marie Fernandez
Roseanna & Lisa Marie Fernandez are available on the 1st floor of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

© Laurent Rouvrais


"Cubos" swimsuit by Siyu

"Compact + Landscape" swimsuit combo by Eres

"Classic One Piece" swimsuit by Ascneno

"Flirting" swimsuit by Chiara Ferragni Collection

"Elea" swimwuit by Naelie

"Flash - Perse" swimsuit by Roseanna