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Portrait | September 23


It was at her farm in Vermont, United States, that she founded Tata Harper Skincare and developed her first aid, with the help of her team of chemists. Today while women from all over the world and the influencers of the moment fall in love with its organic and high-end apple green bottles, Le Bon Marché is meeting Tata Harper, the creator of its eponymous brand, for the opening of its new pop-up store "Green House" at Bon Marché until October 27.

A pioneer in "eco-chic" cosmetics, Tata Harper, whose real name is Graciela, introduces us back to her intimacy and explains where she comes from, her commitments and her motivations.

At 44 years old, the creator of the success story beauty brand displays a young girl's complexion and a clear vision on the latest news in the world of cosmetics.

You launched Tata Harper in 2010, could you introduce the brand to Le Bon Marché ?

It was the first skincare line to deliver superior results without a single drop of synthetic chemicals. We make all of our products with green technology and natural ingredients and we do it all ourselves, in our skincare lab and factory on our farm in Vermont, so each product is as fresh and potent as possible.

Portrait of Tata Harper

Why did you want to focus on natural cosmetics ?

My stepfather was diagnosed with cancer, and through helping him change his lifestyle I started to examine everything I was putting in and on my body. I couldn’t find any natural products that gave me the results and the luxury experience I was looking for, so I set out to create my own. No one should have to sacrifice their health for their beauty.

No one should have to sacrifice their health for their own beauty.

Your products are concentrated in natural actives, up to 43 for some products,how do you choose them ?

Choosing ingredients really depends on the formula and the benefits we are trying to achieve. When we start formulating, we always want our products to be as hardworking as possible, so we use as many natural actives as we can. We don’t believe in hero ingredients or single benefit products, we believe in engineering products with multiple benefits, which takes multiple ingredients. In each bottle, you get the number of ingredients and benefits you’d usually find in 10 different products from another brand.

TATA HARPER's Products, Le Bon Marché

You feature an exclusive pop up « Green House » in Le Bon Marché until
October 27. The area is dedicated to well-being and body positivism. How do you define the concept of « body positivism » ?

I am so excited about the green house! We really wanted to bring a little piece of our Vermont world to Le Bon Marché and I’m happy that we’re in such good company with other beauty and wellness brands that I love.
I think we’re slowly moving away from this obsession with “youthful perfection” and becoming more positive when it comes to beauty and body standards. I think body positivism is about feeling good about yourself, which comes from a combination of both physical and mental health. You have to quiet that inner voice that’s making you feel less confident and positive about yourself. Beauty is everywhere and in all of us, so chasing perfection is nonsense and body positivism is about having an overall spirit of positivity.

« Green House », Le Bon Marché

We really wanted to bring a little piece of our Vermont world to Le Bon Marché and I’m happy that we’re in such good company with other beauty and wellness brands that I love.

Which Tata harper’s product would you take with you on a desert island?

I cannot live without Elixir Vitae. It’s our most powerful face serum with 72 ingredients that work like a daily dose of injectables. It has radical and innovative new green technologies, like a quadruple neuropeptide complex, that smooth and fill the look of deep wrinkles and restore volume to your skin.

TATA HARPER, Elixr Vitae Serum

What is your secret for a glowing skin?
Glow is important for your skin, but it’s not everything. Glowing skin is really a reflection of the inner health of your skin, and because I don’t use a lot of makeup I always like for my skin to look glowy. My secret is the Glow Getter, which is a little trick I’ve been doing for years. It’s a mini-facial that uses our Regenerating Cleanser and Resurfacing Mask together. First I apply the cleanser onto dry skin and then I apply a thick layer of the mask directly on top and massage the products together. I leave that on my skin for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. I do this at least once a week because it completely revitalizes my skin and leaves me glowing for days.

What is the best beauty advice you can give to someone?

Be consistent with whatever you do. When it comes to beauty products, using them sporadically won’t give you the results you’re expecting so it’s crucial to be consistent.

To conclude, like a real parisian girl : what are your favorite addresses in Paris?

Some of my favorite places in Paris are Le Tigre Yoga Club, Le Bristol Hotel, Maisie Café, and of course Le Bon Marché — I always dedicate an entire afternoon to be there to get inspired by the beautiful assortments and genius merchandising, and always end up spending hours in the children’s section.