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The 24 Sèvres capsule collection

Fashion | JUN 6 - JUL 9, 2017

The 24 Sèvres capsule collection

Always embracing avant-garde, Le Bon Marché is releasing a capsule collection at the crossroads of fashion and art in order to celebrate the launch of its new e-shopping experience, 24 Sèvres. More than 60 parisian and interntional luxury houses have responded to the "Grand Magasin"'s call: they have all given a free rein to the imagination and creativity of guest artists to revisit some of their most iconic products - from Courrèges' vinyl jacket to Loewe's Hammock bag. Jennifer Cuvillier, Le Bon Marché's fashion director, shares her views on these exclusive collaborations and discloses her favorite pieces.

Viewed by Jennifer Cuvillier, Le Bon Marché's Fashion Director.

As an emblem of Parisian chic, Le Bon Marché wanted to mark the occasion for the launch of its new e-shopping website 24 Sèvres.

"Le Bon Marché and 24 Sèvres represent the essence of French lifestyle", this was Jennifer Cuvillier's ambitious premise as coordinator of the capsule collection revisiting iconic pieces from more than 60 fashion and luxury brands, in collaboration with the 24 Sèvres team.

"This capsule collection was really built together, with the brands, with the aim of having their iconic pieces reworked by contemporary artists", to Jennifer Cuvillier art should necessarily be at the heart of this collection as creations and artists are part of the store DNA. More than shopping, Le Bon Marché proposes a true aesthetic experience, both innately parisian and open to the world. This special identity was a major inspiration for brands and designers who worked on the capsule collection.

Jennifer Cuvillier sees the blurring of boundaries between fashion and art as an underlying trend, "I think this is part of the fashion brands lives today, it's been a long time since fashion doesn't live anymore within well-defined boundaries, everything is expanding, whether to design, architecture or photography, more and more designers don't limit themselves to their own universes and try to have other artists step in it. It's now an established phenomenon and I don't think there will be any coming back."

This is hard for the Fashion Director to select her must-haves among such a creative, innovative and eclectic collection: "some brands really incorporate a street art dimension into their creations, something very contemporary and eye-catching in a good way, like the Maison Michel Fedoras which give the impression of being tagged, while other brands rather work with patterns."

However, she finally admits she has her favorite pieces: "I love all the bomber jackets, like the Marco di Vincenzo jacket, created in collaboration with the italian artist Gio Pastori, covered with very pop art embroideries, or the timeless Courrèges vinyl jacket on which the Canadian artist Chloé Wise printed one of her paintings. Both houses really play the game. [...] I also really like the revisited version of the Moynat Quattro bag by the street artist Mambo, which, in the same spirit as the Maison Michel hats, injects urban style and colors into the capsule collection. [...] Of course, the Proenza Schouler bag with a pattern inspired by a Keith Haring painting is unmissable."

Discover the capsule collection in very limited edition online and in store until July 9.

Le Bon Marché and 24 Sèvres represent the essence of French lifestyle

Jennifer Cuvillier's favorites

Maison Michel's signature hat in a a street art version.

The iconic bag Quattro by Moynat illustrated by street artist Mambo.

Proenza Schouler gives a New York City vibe to its PS11 bag by borrowing patterns from Keith Haring's work.

Sneak peek at the 24 Sèvres area in store