Swedish brand TOTEME offers women decisively minimalist, essential style. The wardrobe favors neutral tones — predominantly black, white, beige, ivory and grey — and carefully-crafted cuts. Its leitmotif is that of fashion in movement, accompanying each moment of the day and adapting to different occasions. Jeans and cocktail dresses, blazers and tunics are characterized by fluid materials and designs that enhance the body. Elin Kling and Karl Lindman's company is built around creating a uniform, using distinctive design rules that run through its collections. The handcrafted production of each piece attests to an undeniable savoir-faire. Whether it's ready-to-wear, shoes, or accessories, Totême's sleek DNA is always recognizable. The silhouette is that of an active woman who values comfort without wishing to sacrifice elegance. Since its foundation in 2014, the Stockholm-based fashion house has developed a universe with a singular esthetic, making its mark by transcending trends. 
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