Carrière Frères is a natural extension of La Manufacture Royale de Cire, which is known today as Cire Trudon. In 1884, the Carrière brothers took an interest in these ancient skills with the idea of bringing them up to date. Deeply attached to the traditions of the 17th and 18th-century master wax makers, they reflected this heritage, while standing apart from it. Their inquisitive and entrepreneurial spirit led them to found Carrière Frères, which excelled in its ability to innovate. The industrial revolution was underway, and modernisation favoured electricity, yet the two brothers managed to keep the use of candles alive. Their creative and ingenious approach was to break the link between the religious and functional use of candles, thus allowing them to be considered as decorative objects. They introduced a new generation of candles, pillar candles and night lights to enliven centrepieces, dinners and festive evenings. As early as 1884, their vision was rewarded with a Gold Medal at the Universal Exhibition. Manufactured in the Cire Trudon factory, Carrière Frères candles have always been at the cutting edge, inspired by centuries of craftsmanship, company history and a contemporary approach.