Faithful to the casual chic style which has guaranteed its success since 2008, Max Mara The Cube is now highlighting responsible fashion. Fabrics obtained from natural camel hair are used to create the brand's iconic coats and now The Cube will use anything that is left over to create a new line of equally iconic clothes that are more virtuous. To use this left over fabric Max Mara has a unique upcycling process which mixes the fibers to create a new padding. Its production uses less energy and water, and emits less CO2, than the production process for virgin fibers. And so Cameluxe was born, a mixture of leftover pieces of camel hair fabric and recycled polyester fibers. It creates an ultra-fine padding that is highly insulating and performant, designed to be used in the stylish new line of puffer jackets and coats by Max Mara The Cube!